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Are you a triathlete, cyclist, runner or active individual wanting to get healthy, feel great and perform at your best?


Endurance NEWtrition can help you fuel and train wisely so you can break through performance barriers, feel amazing, and live a balanced, active lifestyle.


Are you ready to…


  • achieve a healthy, realistic weight for your body type and activity level?
  • exceed your athletic potential through good nutrition and/or training?
  • learn to fuel yourself wisely based on your medical conditions, goals, and lifestyle needs?
  • cut through the confusion with a personalized training and/or nutrition plan?
  • erradicate gastrointestional discomfort?


We have to solutions for you! Why wait? 

Invest in yourself today!


Endurance NEWtrition, LLC is the Triangle’s premier endurance sports nutrition and coaching company founded by Chris Newport, MS, RDN/LDN, HFS in 2009. The company’s mission is to help people achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals through the highest quality nutrition and coaching services. In addition, Endurance NEWtrition aims to positively impact the local community by inspiring people to lead active and balanced lifestyles and supporting charitable causes. Ergo, we are proud to be a founding sponsor of the Wheel Chix Women’s Only Cycling Club!